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VuePoint IDS Inc., publisher of Optik Magazine, is the leading source of business intelligence in the Canadian optical industry. We have depth of experience in the Canadian market and can help define your road map to success.  Our research services cover a variety of topics to fit every need and budget: from simple cost-effective Omni-bus surveys to comprehensive custom research projects.

Available Reports

2018 Canadian Frame Suppliers Brand Perception Study – Coming Soon
The 2018 report will be implemented in Q3. In addition to the insights on over 30 Canadian frame suppliers on nearly 30 different market attributes, the 2018 study will delve into the perceptions and experiences of ECPs with frame suppliers having Canadian customer service and distribution centres compared to those that do not.

2018 Canadian Optical Lab Survey  – Available
How do Canadian ECPs evaluate their optical lab? All major Canadian optical labs, regional labs and specialty labs were evaluated by respondents for performance on quality, service and product attributes. Results include NPS scores, attribute importance ranking and how each lab ranks on important performance attributes.

2017 Canadian Frame Suppliers Brand Perception Study
VuePoint IDS Inc. and Jobson Medical Information LLC., have released the first annual VuePoint™ Canadian FRAME Supplier brand perception study.  The internet study of Canadian ECPs provides insights on 35 Canadian frame suppliers on 27 different market attributes, including quality of product, customer service, back-order management, internet ordering, sales representative service and more.

Results will help companies with competitive positioning, identifying required adjustments in priorities and determining opportunities to better serve clients’ needs.

The study also identifies which companies are perceived to potentially gain or lose business over the next 12 months. A Net Promoter Score® (NPS®) for the leading suppliers in the Canadian market are also provided.  The NPS is a robust measure of company or brand loyalty by customers familiar with the brand and is widely-accepted as a proxy measure of revenue growth.

Companies competing within the Canadian market and/or evaluating the market for entry will find considerable value in the results.


  Leading optical industry research group providing in-depth knowledge of the global Optical market.
  Expertise in advanced research methodologies for health care professionals, including ECPs and consumers.

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