The Retina: An Emerging Frontier in Alzheimer’s Detection

The retina, an extension of the brain, is rapidly gaining attention in the realm of Alzheimer’s disease detection Originating from the brain...

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First Fit Plus™ Launches A Revolutionary Tool For Precision Seg Heights

First Fit Plus ensures every customer has the best experience when ordering and wearing prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, while helping the...

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Eschenbach Introduces the New Adjustable Elumentis LED Lamp

Eschenbach Optik of America introduces the new Elumentis LED Lamp which provides bright, adjustable illumination which improves contrast and helps...

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Craze Guard for the Optical

A Minnesota-based optician has developed a new innovative tool called Craze Guard The patented device, made from proprietary heat resistant...

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Rodenstock B.I.G. NORM Lenses Available in Canada

Centennial Optical is introducing Biometric Intelligent Glasses (BIG) byRodenstock to Canada With a data pool of over 500,000 eye scans, an...

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