The Optical Metaverse

The Optical Metaverse is a new platform which is built on a metaverse engine called The Omniverse City. This platform has created new forms of exposure for the eyewear and eyecare industry, empowering it to foster sustainability.

The Optical Metaverse is designed to unite individuals, businesses, and organizations within the optical industry to create a shared virtual space which enables new ways to collaborate.

Through this platform, industry players can share ideas, innovations, and solutions to create a more sustainable future for the industry.

Optical Metaverse and The Omniverse City have announced a partnership with BREATHE! Convention whichwill take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on May 3-5th, 2023.

BREATH! will be a landmark Web3 convention bringing together Web3 professionals, optical and eyecare innovators, business leaders, and investors from across the globe.

With the launching of The Omniverse Village, Web3 adjacent eyecare and optical projects and companies have the opportunity to exhibit at BREATHE! at a group rate, allowing brands to bring innovative new use cases and applications that revolutionize the optical and eyecare industry.

According to Charlene Nichols, the founder of The Omniverse City, “There was a time when you didn’t have to worry about being early or late because you were just in the neighborhood and people needed vision care and they drove to their nearest shopping center or to their nearest downtown area. Now the Internet has brought the products and solutions to people’s doorstep. When you’re talking about something as important as vision care, that is potentially dangerous. Because if you’re an eye care provider and you’re not a part of that direct to consumer messaging channel, then you’re missing an opportunity to properly educate. Not only are you missing out on an opportunity to make money, you’re missing out on an opportunity to give people correct information.”

The Omniverse City is a platform built on Unreal Engine 5 and designed for the people by the people. The community is authentic, courageous, and fearless. The speed of the platform is the result of vertical integration. By developing a customized communication channel, the platform bridged gaps and facilitated better relationships within industry sectors and cross-vertical.

As part of BREATHE! Convention, The Omniverse Village helps to provide a native Web3 and Metaverse experience, demonstrating the utility of Web3 technology in daily life.

Exhibiting at The Omniverse Village grants access to participate in pitch sessions, meet other insiders, and grow audience reach and influence. Companies in the Web3, optical, and eyecare industry will benefit from direct exposure to over 5,000 professionals looking for solutions, tools, and innovations.

“We are in full alignment with Charlene’s vision for a new form of eyecare and optical practices to take root, thanks to Web3 technology,” says Brian Edmiston, Public Relations Director of BREATHE! Convention. “As she made it known, we are here to help projects, companies, and individuals connect and develop technology that decentralizes the current infrastructure of vision care. We want brands to showcase just how much more effective Web3 technology is in helping people experiencing eyecare and optical solutions.”

Exhibiting in The Omniverse Village at BREATHE! Convention means staying ahead of the adoption process while demonstrating the brand as an innovative leader throughout the industry. The event is a crucial moment for brands to launch their products and services and showcase their expertise.

For more information on The Omniverse City, visit: Contact

For exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities with BREATHE!, visit the BREATHE! website and book a call at:

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Presenting LE KEVIN Life

High-end leather handcrafted Le Kevin eyeglass holder brand, is now launching a mass-market, more affordable version – LE KEVIN Life.

Fully recycled and recyclable, le Kevin Life is an entirely new and original unisex accessory which essentially performs as an eyeglass holder or lanyard and makes an entirely customisable unisex accessory.

The product can be corporate, company branded, event themed and customised with any favourite motif or image, including logo, strap line, motto, QR codes, any image.

The disc can be printed double-sided or single sided. If single sided, clients can scribble names or numbers freestyle with a permanent marker ink.  Kevin Life can also be adapted to the standard keychain lanyard.

Corporate clients can use a digital business card either as round stickers to affix on to the backside of Kevin Life or ‘dog tag’ style mini cards that slide through the cord and sit on the top of the disc.

A printed quality and durable plastic disc attach on to a plastic surround which either slides to hold or fix the glasses in place as much or as little as you want and then loops on to an elastic adjustable bi-colour cord.

The cord colours can be customised and themed in a host of patterned and coloured surround options.

Made and shipped from Italy. WWW.LEKEVIN.CO.UK

Canadian clients can learn more about Le Kevin, Kevin Life by contacting Steve Goldstone,

North American Liaison for Le Kevin Enquiries at

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Next Level Style

Let’s have fun and take style to the next level with this independently spirited design from the OGI collection. The interplay of complimentary colours with the gradient acetate fronts and the custom colour metal temples brings new excitement to your choice. We love the very artistic discipline behind the colour pairings.

Featured Model: Thanks Much

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WCO and Alcon to Launch “WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel” Tool

The World Council of Optometry (WCO) and Alcon invite eye care professionals to the launch of a new practical tool to help with the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye disease. 

Registration is now open for the May 9 “Dry Eye Spotlight 4: WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel” webinar, the culmination of an initial series of complimentary global dry eye disease education initiative online events.

The WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel, developed by world-renowned educators Professors Jennifer Craig, Lyndon Jones, and James Wolffsohn, is an at-a-glance, interactive tool designed to easily reference the three pillars of mitigation, measurement, and management, and to be accessible for broadest possible use.

A question-and-answer session will follow the launch to give participants exclusive access to the distinguished faculty members and further explore the WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel. Register for the May 9 webinar at    

World Council of Optometry President-Elect Dr. Sandra S. Block, O.D., M.Ed., MPH, FAAO, FCOVD said, “The three experts, Professors Craig, Wolffsohn and Jones, have been amazing in how they shared their expertise in treating dry eye disease and addressing the problems for optometrists globally. This final webinar will culminate in a practical tool, the WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel, which will allow clinicians to integrate mitigation, measurement and management of dry eye disease into practice immediately.” 

Alcon Global and US Head of Professional Education and Development Carla Mack, OD, MBA, FAAO, FBCLA said, “The prevalence of dry eye symptoms and those who have dry eye disease means as optometrists that we will encounter this daily in practice. The WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel is a fantastic tool that aims to deliver a great deal of knowledge and an easy-to-apply approach in eye care practices worldwide.”

The “Dry Eye Spotlight 4: WCO Alcon Dry Eye Wheel” webinar will be independently presented with live faculty-attendee interaction on Tuesday, May 9 at 9 p.m. EDT (Eastern Daylight Saving).

Registration at

The first three webinars in the series, “Dry Eye Spotlight 1: Mitigation”, “Dry Eye Spotlight 2: Measurement”, and “Dry Eye Spotlight 3: Management” are now available on demand at

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The Optical Foundry Innovates Industry-Leading Augmented Reality Shopping Experience

The Optical Foundry, holding company of prominent indie eyewear brand OGI Eyewear, announces the launch of its Optical Foundry Mobile App, that allows for a best-in-class Virtual Try-On (VTO) experience. The free web application utilizes state-of-the-art technology for visually accurate, hyper-realistic remote fittings. The App is available across each of The Optical Foundry’s member brands, including collections of award-winning optical, lifestyle, and activewear frames. 

“We are so proud to offer an actual tool versus the other toys in the crowded VTO product space,” said Rob Rich, President of The Optical Foundry. “By innovating at the leading edge of eyewear and technology, we are able to achieve our goal of supporting independents in their independence. Our App facilitates an unprecedented level of convenience and a curated eyewear fitting experience for Opticians, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, and individual patients for pre-selection.”

We Put in the Work; You Have the Fun

The Optical Foundry’s app utilizes industrial Computer-Assisted-Design (CAD) drawings of each frame paired with Apple’s True Depth Camera to map 30,000 dots of the face in real-time, scaling to size for the most accurate fit possible.

Users will have access to hundreds of frame styles and colour options from their phones. The application allows for a true 360-degree try-on experience: turn any angle, catalog the frame fit, and capture ambient light. The user can take and send screenshots to friends and select their favorite styles before even stepping foot in an Optician’s office.

The Optical Foundry app is compatible with Safari browser and any iPhone (10 or above) or iPad Pro with Facial Recognition. 

To experience The Optical Foundry app visit

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