Sarah Bureau

Sarah Recommends

By Sarah Bureau, RO Here are the independent eyewear collections from Sarah's recommendation I've had the opportunity and privilege to...

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Shan’s SILMO Paris Diary

Optik Editor Shan Khan travelled to the City of Light to get caught up on the latest trends in eyewear design, technology and manufacturing ...

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Canadian Style – Diversity by Design

By Shan Khan When it comes to style, Canadians have something unique to call their very own Inspired by the country’s vast landscape and its...

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The Kids are Alright

By Shan Khan With childhood myopia rates spiking globally, the market for children’s eyewear continues to grow, making this segment an...

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You CAN Afford an Optical Manager

By Wendy Buchanan Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of “I can do it myself!  Why would I pay someone to do this” and as a business...

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