Seneca College Trade Fair

SENECA Optician Student Trade Fair 2022

SENECA will host a virtual Trade Fair March 14 at 5 PM  powered by the RendezVue Virtual Event Platform  The Trade Fair will host all of SENECA's...

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Introducing RendezVue: A New Virtual Meeting Place for the Vision Care Industry.

Optik Magazine is pleased to introduce RendezVue™  a new virtual meeting place to network, collaborate and socialize for the eyewear and eye...

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OSI Group Releases New Version of Optosys® in a Unique Event Format

A new version of the Optosys® Solution software was introduced on Sunday, November 7 and 14 during a brand-new format of Optosys® Events Both OSI...

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Quebec’s OPTOPLUS Banner Reinvents Annual Les journées OPTOPLUS Gathering

More than 200 OPTOPLUS eye care clinic owners and employees, as well as supplier partners and sponsors, gathered virtually on Sunday, October 25th,...

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